a passing by

your so interesting life bores me,
you think i would wish for it, but i don’t.
i don’t believe in happily ever after!
i only believe in music, music ever after.
i can’t take one more problem of riches,
there’s so much more drama over those gold bridges.
you can’t get more real than death and there’s full of it.
touch your skin with your finger!
take a look in the mirror and see you passing!
you got a sip of life, a good life you consider,
well, enjoy untill it’s not to late, the bar is closing.
you got a passing right through this fleshy life
but it’s just a passing by through love and loneliness
a passing by through so called happiness and sadness
a passing by through friendships and enemies.
a passing by through memories and regrets.
a passing by through successes and failures.

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